A Silent Transformation - Film Screening and Post-Screening Discussion

Earlier on, we introduced "Not a Utopia" and "A Different Social Economy in Hong Kong", with some excerpts from these books to introduce our philosophy of i-COMMON HK.
This time, let's introduce the film "A Silent Transformation", which is based on the theme of "co-operatives", with real-life examples of how it has changed the society that was originally dominated by the market economy. The good news is that the film will be shown at the film screening on Wednesday, November 24 from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Tigerland Bookstore, with Chinese subtitles! There will also be a discussion session led by Professor Yi Pan of the Department of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University after the screening.
The concept of "cooperative" is closely related to our practice because it contains important elements such as "spontaneous participation", "equal cooperation" and "bottom-up action for change".
If you are interested in learning more about this concept and discussing it with friends who are also interested in this topic, then don't miss this film screening!
*Special thanks to @18th Social Movement Film Festival for providing subtitles for the film
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