Our Mission and Objectives

The establishment of i-COMMON HK is targeting to:

1Unite the active consumers who have self-awareness and shared beliefs in searching or even creating the products or services that we actually want and need

2Bridge the producers, service providers and consumers for creating a more efficient coordinate and collaborate platform that is able to avert the rent-seeking and exploitative behaviors from business cooperation.

3Promote the ideas of Commons and its associated values, including "Co-Establish", "Co-Governance" and "Sharing"

Besides, we want to achieve the following goals through a self-aware and organized consumption behaviors:

- Build a people oriented community
- Promote a community life that emphasis on collaborating and sharing
- Support the community economy and social economy
- Protect the rights and dignity of laborer
- Align with the marginalized and minorities groups in society
- Promote a environmental friendly sustainable development
- Bringing justice and democracy to our Life

If you want to become a consumer that is able to raise your needs and find (or even create) the choices which are actually desire

If you want the products or services obtained are "safe and fair" and produced by "ethnical producers"

If you want your consumption are able to reshape the society in more human-oriented and just

Please join our membership and become our companion