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Yi O Groceries - Yi O Dried Roselle

Yi O Groceries - Yi O Dried Roselle

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Yi O Dried Roselle, made by Yi O Farmers.

Known as the "Ruby of the plant", the Roselle not only has beautiful outlook, but also possesses various health benefits such as promoting clear blood vessels and anti-aging effects. It contains abundant nutrients such as pectin, anthocyanins, malic acid, vitamins A, B, C, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

The Roselle flowers in Yi O are hand-picked and dried with low-temperature air, making them easy to store. Usage: Add a few dried Roselle into hot water. It can also be consumed with honey.

Note: Roselle is cool in nature and should not be consumed in large quantities by those who are weak. Women during their menstrual period or pregnancy should also avoid consumption. Roselle helps to reduce blood pressure, so those with low blood pressure should not consume it excessively.


Yi O mini-farm:

Amy is a craftsman who enjoys handicrafts, woodworking, and nature. She had the opportunity to enter the agricultural and construction industry in Er'ao. Through this, she explores the relationship between "God, man, and nature" and listens to the messages of life. To extend the use of flowers and plants, she develops various dried products.

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