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Books - Money Centric: Seven Critiques of Industrial and Population Policy in Hong Kong

Books - Money Centric: Seven Critiques of Industrial and Population Policy in Hong Kong

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This book cites the concept of "people-oriented industry" proposed by Scottish scholar Johnston Birchall in People-Centred Business (2011) to distinguish it from "money-centred business". The former emphasizes that the market serves people's well-being, while the latter is the law that people serve the market.

This book therefore aims to explore:

  • Hong Kong does not have a "population policy", only a human resources policy.
  • Influenced by neo-liberalism, Hong Kong's economic policy has always been a "wrongly diagnosed"!
  • The integration of China and Hong Kong will not only weaken Hong Kong's competitiveness in the long run, but also industrial policy will only serve interest groups.
  • When our eyes are only focus on the north, we can't see another high-quality local market at all.
  • The sharply widening gap between the rich and the poor is the result of the industry’s “competition for the lowest standard”, placing quality over quantity.
  • The Population Policy's descriptions of the elderly, youth and female housekeepers are all upside-down.
  • Hong Kong is facing a crisis of losing its political and economic autonomy, and new arrivals have become scapegoats.
  • Only "people-oriented" and "bottom-up" folk creativity can revitalize the economy.
  • Ignoring the causes of industrial lag and the gap between the rich and the poor, the "population policy" will not be able to focus on the problem.

Authors: Chow Sung Ming, Jiangxue Han, Man Kin Yick
Publisher: InPress Books
Publication date: 2014-3

Series: Value in Press
ISBN: 9789624574791
Pages: 128
Size: 135*195


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