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FAIR CIRCLE - Fair Point Organic Lemon Grass 10g

FAIR CIRCLE - Fair Point Organic Lemon Grass 10g

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Helps to calm down and sleep

Lemongrass is essential in Southeast Asian cuisine that helps to calm down, sleep, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and counteract inflammation.
With its refreshing scent, lemongrass water is an excellent revitalizing drink in summer.

Ingredients: Dried organic lemongrass
Origin: Sri Lanka

Usage: Put lemongrass into a cup of 500cc warm water. Brew it for about 5 minutes and serve. Add organic ginger powder to be a carminative; or add organic honey & organic cane sugar for better taste.
Note: As an exceedingly high water temperature will lead to a nutrient loss in the lemongrass, the brewing water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃

*EU & USDA Organic Certification
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