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Books - Sharing Cities

Books - Sharing Cities

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Since the beginning of human history, sharing has been an inevitable part of social life, cooperation and mutual assistance is a necessary condition for human survival. But in the past two hundred years, the market economy has developed far and wide, production and consumption activities have become highly individualized. People also seem to have lost shared memories and instincts towards sharing.

The re-emergence of the sharing economy in recent years mainly involves the development of information technology. People build virtual communities through the Internet and regain the spirit of equality and mutual assistance. The further popularization of Web 2.0 application technology makes sharing an extremely popular Internet function. The influence of online sharing culture eventually spreads offline, prompting various sharing experiments to appear in daily life.

On March 9, 2013, "The Economist" magazine took the sharing economy as a cover topic, which means that it has officially entered the mainstream market field from the alternative. "The Internet has made the integration of supply and demand easier and more affordable than ever. Smartphones with maps and satellite positioning make it easy to find the nearest room or car rental service; online social networks and rating systems help build mutual trust; online Transactions facilitate paying bills…”

Sharing Hong Kong mainly explores the concept of the sharing economy, explained with examples from South Korea and the United Kingdom.

Authors: Chow Sung Ming, Ada Wong Ying-kay, Terence Yiu Kai Yuen
Publisher: InPress Books
Publication date: 2014-4

Series: Value in Press
ISBN: 9789624574807
Pages: 160
Size: 170*215

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