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TYPESETTER PUBLISHING - Survivor Talk: Oral Stories from Nine Childhood Sexual Assault Survivors

TYPESETTER PUBLISHING - Survivor Talk: Oral Stories from Nine Childhood Sexual Assault Survivors

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book introduction 

  According to research, one out of every seven women in Hong Kong has suffered from sexual violence, but less than one in ten will seek help, let alone disclose their experience to others. Fortunately, nine survivors of childhood sexual assault dared to be interviewed and spoke, so this book can record their life stories. "Survivor's Words" not only contains their experience of being victimized, but more importantly, it writes how they face trauma and how to live their current lives well in trauma.

  The nine survivors spanned from the 50s to the 00s, but the perpetrators were all acquaintances. It is hard to imagine that the perpetrators in eight of these cases were family members and relatives. Although they grew up in different ages, the interviewees in the book all face similar family dilemmas. They encountered repeated setbacks in the process of seeking help, and fortunately, they also encountered little luck by chance. The problems left over from childhood made them continue to write future life stories on the stop-and-go healing road with the identity of survivors.

  For the past two decades, Rain Orchid has been devoting itself to providing counseling and support to victims, and has spared no effort in education and policy advocacy. This book is one of the ways of education, guiding children and adolescents to understand sexual violence, and letting the public—especially parents—understand relevant knowledge, cultivate empathy, and reduce the secondary harm to victims in society.


Recommendations (extracted from the order of the book, arranged in the order of appearance in the book)

Through the personal experience of these nine women, we understand how difficult the situation of most victims of sexual assault is. The sharing of these survivors let us know that to truly eliminate sexual assault, society must face up to the patriarchal family structure that breeds sexual violence, improve the social status of women, and reduce the stigma of victims.

──Cai Yuping, Professor, Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Co-Director, Center for Gender Studies, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies

Many of the perpetrators of childhood sexual assault are family members, relatives and friends of the victim. You can imagine the shock of the victims when they are violated. Because of their young age, they often fail to leave the situation and have to experience long-term threats and fear. It is hoped that this collection of oral stories can arouse the attention of the general public and different professions on sexual assault, give victims a sense of understanding and affirmation, and more importantly, participate in and support the improvement of mainstream culture, social services and judicial systems, and stop any form of sexual assault. violence occurs.

──Hong Xuelian, Professor and Head of Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University

I must sincerely appreciate the honest sharing from multiple survivors of sexual violence. Without their participation and dedication, this book would not have been possible. And when I read their life stories carefully, even though they were hovering between the struggle and pain of sexual violence incidents, in the process of experiencing suffering, I also read that some people gave them a little help, which made me feel To the connection between life and life. Suffering can make people's lives helpless, but it cannot make the world ruthless. We must not let victims of sexual violence suffer alone and be forgotten.

──Wang Xiurong, Director-General of Women’s Sexual Violence Concern Association and Yulan


Trial reading "Introduction, One Step and a Half Life──Aunt Lan"


book material

Author: Rain Orchid

Editor: Qiu Zhiheng
Editorial assistance: Du Jiaxing, Xie Lina
Executive Editor: Tan Yinuo

Art design: mmmmor studio
Illustration: Chen Oiyu

Thanks: The Community Chest of Hong Kong, Lee Hysan Foundation

Publisher: Handman Publishing House
Publication date: First edition in March 2022

Pages: 348
Price: HK$128

rain orchidIntroduction

Rain Orchid was established in 2000 by the Women's Sexual Violence Concern Association. It is the first one-stop sexual violence crisis support center in Hong Kong. It provides round-the-clock support services for women aged 14 or above who have experienced sexual violence. As a coordinating mechanism for various services, Rain Orchid provides counseling, medical treatment, legal and other appropriate support to help women who have suffered sexual violence rebuild their self-esteem and self-confidence. At present, Yulan receives more than 2,000 requests for help each year and provides in-depth support and follow-up services to more than 300 victims of sexual violence.

Table of contents

Preface 1: Thank you, let us hear (text/Cai Yuping)
Prologue 2: "Victims" are also "survivors" (article by Hong Xuelian)
Preface 3: The wind and rain are gloomy, and I am lucky to have you with me (article/Wang Xiurong)


One Step and a Half Life──Aunt Lan
If there is no reward for a good man──Ah B
Ten years is not too late──Axia
In the ups and downs, you have to live a good life──Sister Ice Cream
Two or three things in the second half──Pema
Moment that will never be forgotten──A Qiao
Stranger's Journey──Nicole
The reason for leaving is... ──A Yin
Plant flowers under the high wall──Vera

Reports and interviews

August 1, 2022: "Curated by Tuen Mun staff │ [Gaze at Life]: Cracks in Society", "Eslite".

May 16, 2022: "Survivors speak, supporters help", "Comrade Dian Zhi Hong Kong".

March 9, 2022: "26% of Childhood Sexual Assault Victims Under 18 at Time of Assault Seek Help After an Average of 12.8 Years," etnet.

March 9, 2022: "Over 1,000 cases of sexual assault in 3 years, the youngest is only 8 years old", "Oriental Daily".

March 9, 2022: "Shouldn't be patient|"Fengyulan" has received more than a thousand sexual assault cases, and the underage victims only seek help after more than ten years", "am730".

March 8, 2022: "Rainstorm Orchid: Rising Ratio of Underage Sexual Assault Victims, Increased Pandemic Seeking Help or Increased Pressure as Victims and Relatives Live in the Same Room", "Ming Pao".

March 8, 2022: Lu Nuojun, "Women's Day|Yuyu Lan refers to more than 40% of relatives who were sexually abused in childhood and only seek help every 12.8 years on average", "Hong Kong 01".

March 8, 2022: "Yu Lan's new book "Survivor's Words" collects 9 stories of childhood sexual assault, hoping that the public will reduce blaming the victims", "Independent Media".

Book review

May 20, 2022: Qiu Zhiheng, "Late Listening, Late Healing—Introduction to "Survivors' Words: Nine Oral Stories of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault"", Weibo.

April 28, 2022: Xie Zhu, "Survivor Words - What else can we do?" 》, "Function Words".

April 17, 2022: Wright Fu, "Every family has its own scriptures that are difficult to recite-read "Survivor's Words".

March 19, 2022: Lilian 001, "Good Book Recommendation - "Survivor's Words - Nine Oral Stories of Childhood Sexual Assault Survivors""

Book Fairs and Press Conferences

May 28, 2022: "Walking with the Survivors - "Survivors' Words: Nine Oral Stories of Childhood Sexual Assault Survivors" Sharing Session", Xishi x Xianshe.

May 21, 2022: ""Wei Wei Hey" - "Survivor's Words" Reading Club",

May 1, 2022: "Who Are the Survivors?" ——Anti-Sexual Assault Movement and Support for Victims", One Punch Library.

March 8, 2022: Rain Orchid press conference, live online.

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