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Mil Mill 喵坊

Mil Mill - Natural Antiseptic Washing Capsules (Naked 5pcs/ pack)

Mil Mill - Natural Antiseptic Washing Capsules (Naked 5pcs/ pack)

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MilMill washing capsule is made from Taiwan, concentrated from natural enzymes, no preservatives.

The washing capsule has the characteristics of "5N" : No phosphorus, No fluorescent agent, no formaldehyde, No triclosan, No benzene, reduce the impact to soil and water. In order to reduce unnecessary waste, simple and recyclable packing bags are used.

  • pH7,Netural, No harm to clothes and human skin

  • Suitable for washing baby clothes

  • Suitable for cotton, linen, viscose, polynosic, polyester, nylon and Polyacrylonitrile fabrics
  • The film of the washing capsule will completely decompose when exposed to water and no residue when product is used.

  • Tested in Taiwan, Land Friendly

How to use: Place the capsule at the bottom of your washing machine drum, then add your clothes on top. The outer layer will dissolve in the wash. Do not rip, tear or pierce the capsules. Suitable for all type of washing machines.; Dosage: Use one capsule for 9kg or below. Use two capsules for heavy loading.

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