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Tuenmunality - 04/20 2022 Issue

Tuenmunality - 04/20 2022 Issue

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【Tuenmunality #6 — Available now! 】

After the fifth wave of COVID-19, the sixth issue of "Tuenmunality" has finally come out! This issue is the second issue published after the subscription system. Thank you to all subscribers for subscribing to us and thank you to all the consignment stores for having us. Of course, thank you for your patience and understanding. I love you all! So, what exactly is there in this issue?

Contents of this issue:
1. Looking back at Lam Tei - as one of the oldest villages in Tuen Mun, how did it develop into Lam Tei Main Street? In addition to "XX Seasons Restaurant", what stories in Lam Tei are worth pondering?

2. The editor's wonderful column - There is a Busker, Monkey @monkeymusichk, who has been writing songs about Tuen Mun. In addition, the photography editor in this issue is teaching film and photography, should we learn together?

Tuenmunality is composed of ten young people who simply love Tuen Mun, care about their own community development, and work hard to build their bright future. We will carry out the purpose of Tuenmunality - seeking the root and the origin. By understanding and recording the origin and story of Tuen Mun, we will connect you and me with words, and jointly build the identity of the Tuen Mun people.

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