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Yi O Groceries - Coriander Sauce [Vegan]

Yi O Groceries - Coriander Sauce [Vegan]

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Coriander sauce is made by Vege Chef Jeffrey Chan. It is especially suitable for those who like coriander but eat vegetarian food. The unique features of this coriander sauce are the combination of two different coriander varieties: Chinese and Thai coriander grown in Yi O, which increases the fragrant flavor of the coriander. Because the sauce is not spicy and without five spices, it is specially added with freshly grown lemon leaves and ginger  in Yi O, which can make the taste become fresher and layered. It can be used to cook different dishes.

Ingredients: Yi O Lemon Leaf、Yi O Thai Coriander 、Salt、Yi O Ginger、Spinach、Chicken Heart Bean、Yi O Coriander、Vegetables Oil

Gross weight:330g  Net weight:180g

Reference recipe:

1.Tofu with Coriander Sauce:

2.Fried Hericium erinaceus with Coriander Sauce:

3.Fried Potatoes with Coriander Salad Dressing Sauce:

4.Avocado & Coriander Tomatoes Tartare

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