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Yi O Groceries - Smoky BBQ Sauce

Yi O Groceries - Smoky BBQ Sauce

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An exclusive formula developed by Mab kitchen, who supports local agriculture. Using Yi O tomatoes, which are slow-baked and blended into a tomato sauce base. The unrefined brown sugar adds a sweet aroma of sugar cane, and the fried onions release the natural sweetness, coupled with the excitement of smoked paprika and salt, The BBQ sauce has a unique and layered flavor.

Ingredients:  Yi O tomatoes, onions, apple vinegar, brown sugar, lea & perrins worcestershire sauce, yellow mustard, smoked paprika, black pepper powder, garlic powder, smoke salt

Gross weight:330g  Net weight:180g

Reference recipe:

1.Grilled Pork Ribs

2.Tomato & Roasted Pork Spaghetti:

3.Baked Chicken Mallet with Cheese BBQ Sauce:



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