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Urban Mushroom - Air Dry Oyster Mushrooms Mix (50g)

Urban Mushroom - Air Dry Oyster Mushrooms Mix (50g)

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Country of Origin : Hong Kong

The process of low-temperature air-drying greatly increases the natural GMP in the mushrooms, which is more fragrant than fresh mushrooms, and can more effectively preserve the texture of the mushrooms;

The air-drying process concentrates nutrients, and its protein content is 2.6 times that of eggs, 4 times that of pork, and 15 times that of spinach and rape.


Dried mushrooms do not need to be soaked for a long time. Just gently rinse the surface before using it and add it to other ingredients and cook together.

It's as simple as making instant noodles, adding oyster mushrooms for food, it really makes life more colorful.


According to the seasonal changes, the production of common oyster, phoenix oyster and golden oyster will contain two or three types of oyster mushrooms.

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