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烏龜自然 - BYO Utensil Pouch + Bamboo Utensils Set (Random pattern) - BYO Utensil Pouch + Bamboo Utensils Set (Random pattern)

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It includes:

  • Washable pouch (made of pure cotton cloth, tag, thread & metal snaps)

  • Bamboo utensils fork, knife and spoon

  • Cotton handkerchief


  • Bamboo utensils (fork, knife and spoon): 20 CM
  • Bamboo utensils (chopsticks): 24 CM
  • Cotton handkerchief: 20 x 20 CM
Orgin: China (Bamboo utensils)、Hong Kong (Washable pouch & Cotton handkerchief)

Features: Always remember to bring your own reusable utensils whenever you are dinning out. Wrap up the used one with the handkerchief so that the pouch can be kept clean all the time.

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