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HYGINOVA - Eco-Friendly Disinfectant Spray - 400mL

HYGINOVA - Eco-Friendly Disinfectant Spray - 400mL

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Product Specifications

- Ingredient: Hypochlorous acid (150~210ppm)

- Validity period: 1 year. For spray packaging, please use it within three months after opening. (the date printed on the package shall prevail)

- Origin: Proudly made in Hong Kong

- Preservation method: please tighten the lid, store in a cool indoor place, avoid sunlight or high temperature, not store with acidic chemicals

- Bottle: 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic HDPE, made in Taiwan

- Nozzle: Made in Japan

Function and how to use

- Function: cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, formaldehyde removal, reducing indoor allergen.

High-level broad-spectrum disinfection, effective inactivation of bacteria (G +/- and drug resistance), viruses (enveloped and unenveloped), fungi (molds and yeasts), mycobacteria (including tuberculosis bacillus) and extremely strong resistance

- Applies to: surfaces, air and hands (does not replace hand washing; cannot be used for surgical hand disinfection; cannot be used on broken skin/wounds)

- Scope of use:
medical area, food, industry, family and public places. Such as toilets, rooms, floors, walls, animal equipment, baby products, furniture, tableware, fabrics, carpets, etc.

- How to use: Ready to use. Spray directly on the air or the surface of the object.

【Cleaning】Spray directly on the dirt surface and wipe clean.
【Sterilization】Wait for 1 minute after spraying wet surface, then wipe clean.
【Disinfection】Spray directly on the dirt surface until all surfaces are completely wet, leave for 15 minutes, wipe clean or until air-dry.
【Deodorize, remove formaldehyde and allergens】 Spray directly on the air or the surface of the object until the smell disappears or air-dry.

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