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Mil Mill 喵坊

Mil Mill - Pop-up Napkin (1 Pack)

Mil Mill - Pop-up Napkin (1 Pack)

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Pop-up napkin

 - 100% recycled paper, FSC Recycled certified

 - The production of recycled paper is more environmentally friendly than raw wood pulp paper, which protects the trees that would have been felled for papermaking and reduces resource consumption in the production process

 - No Optical Brightener added during manufacture

 - kill germs by high temperature during the production process, it is safe to use

 - High water-soluble napkin, not easy to plug the drain

 - Origin: Hong Kong & Vietnam (waste paper or pulp collected in Hong Kong, transported to Vietnam paper factory for cooperative production)

100 sheets per pack, (W)100mm x (L)200mm, two paper layers, net weight about 54g per pack
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