Join us on this 6-day cultural tour of Korea and make unforgettable memories while gaining valuable knowledge about the social economy👐🏻

The Centre for Cultural Research and Development (CCRD) is excited to announce an incredible opportunity for you to explore the vibrant culture and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of social economy in South Korea🥳 Our 6-day Korea Sharing City Study Tour is specifically designed for students like you who want to broaden your horizons and gain valuable insights into social enterprises, fair trade and consumer cooperatives.

Tour Details

Dates: 2-7 January 
Destination: Seoul and Goesan
Meeting point: Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo, Seoul
Eligibility: Individuals aged 18 or above holding a Hong Kong SAR passport or other valid travel documents
Subsidy: Local students may apply for Means-tested SSEBR / Non-means-tested SSEBR. For more details, please see the OGE information or the registration form.


  • Meet up at Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo, a co-living and co-working hub that connects people and the Hongdae community.
  • Tour around SungKongHoe University, the most prestigious Fair Trade University and advocate of the Fair Trade Towns movement
  • Visit Beautiful Store, one of the largest social enterprise chains promoting recycling and sharing
  • Explore iCOOP Korea and iCOOP Goesan Natural Dream Park, one of the largest consumer cooperatives 


Dr. Jiyun JEON, our Korean research fellow specialising in fair trade, will be our tour facilitator! Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity!

👉🏻Places are limited, so we encourage you to secure your place AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. For more details, please visit the registration form
Registration deadline23 Oct 2023


文化研究及發展中心 (CCRD) 將在2024 年1月舉辦首爾槐山共享城市交流團🥳,以社會經濟、公平貿易為題,帶大家到訪聖公會大學師生消費者聯盟、二手小店beautiful store、社區圖書館、參觀韓國現時規模最大的合作社:iCOOP Korea 的槐山Natural Dream Park,踏上共創共學之旅。


日期:202412 - 202417


集合地點:Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo, Seoul




  • 入住Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo,一個共居、共享的工作及生活空間,連結人與人、人與社區的青年公寓
  • 參訪聖公會大學一 首爾著名的公平貿易大學,致力推廣公平貿易的理念
  • 到訪社會企業連鎖店Beautiful Store,學習韓國的共享文化以及升級回收如何連結社區
  • 在全韓國規模最大的消費合作社iCOOP 槐山自然夢想公園進行考察,了解iCOOP Korea成功背後的奧祕


是次交流團我們邀請到韓國研究員Dr. Jiyun JEON帶領參加者,不要錯過這個珍貴的交流機會!


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